Nexstar is a leading-edge technology provider, delivering digital entertainment and payment solutions. The Nexstar HD platform is designed to meet the program and campaign needs of Milestone’s clients on a global scale with a seamless solution that spans over 186 countries. The platform offers its audience access to the most current streaming content for music, movies and tv, as well as transactional (downloadable) content including film, TV, music, eBooks and magazines, apps and game from a number of major, global providers.

Nexstar HD’s seamless functionality makes it effortless for its business partners to launch and manage their clients' programs.




Film & TV

Nexstar HD has more than 85,000 films and 300,000 TV programmes to choose from. The ability to download and watch videos later on their desktop or iOS, Android or Windows devices gives customers access to their content where and when they want it.


With access to 43 million tracks from a range of providers, Nexstar HD allows customers to explore and organise their music collection by artist, album or genre.

eBooks & Magazines

Nexstar HD has over 2.5 million eBooks and magazines to choose from, allowing customers to browse by title, author, genre or bestseller lists and check reviews and free samples before any potential purchase.




With a leadership position we have truly differentiated our offering from any other technology provider. Delivering a scalable enterprise level solution with tools that are simple and easy to manage. Nexstar HD ease of use makes it quick and easy for our business partners to launch and manage their clients' programs while delivering a superior economic model for our partners.