The following is a brief overview of Milestone’s main corporate activities since the Company’s admission to AIM in July 2003:

Milestone Group PLC was admitted to AIM on 1st July 2003. The Company originally had three separate divisions in publishing, radio and television – each with its own subsidiary companies. With the advent of new technologies, the original analogue divisions in Milestone Group gradually became redundant, with the final division closing in 2009.

Since then, the Company has focused on the digital media and technology sector with the intention of using media for good and building a brand synonymous with making a difference. By design, the Milestone Group has built a range of products and services, which, through our flagship product the Passion Project, produce a self-sufficient ecosystem of commercial opportunities and social impact for both the company and its clients. These products and services cover a range of activities including education, training and publishing, the details of which can be viewed by visiting the 'what we do' areas of this website.